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Mission Statement

My mission is to provide high quality, affordable services to the legal profession. My specialty is analyzing problems and finding solutions.

What I can do for You

  • Save you money
  • No need for a law clerk or new associate I'll do the research for you. No need for a law library or expensive on-line research tools. I provide them.

  • Save you time
  • Your time is valuable. Don't waste it looking for that elusive case to support your argument - call me instead.

    All results are e-mailed to you as Word documents so you can use them to support your oral argument or cut and paste them into a pleading.

  • Save you headaches
  • I'll tell you the truth - either your position is tenable or it isn't - and suggest options you might not have considered. Use me as a sounding board for your ideas.

  • Save you embarrassment in court
  • All my research is KeyCited up to the minute. You won't run the risk of citing a case, only to have opposing counsel tell the court that it has been overruled.

About Maureen

With over 30 years experience in practicing law, I have primarily practiced in small law firms. I have also owned and managed a small business and supervised the Workers’ Compensation Section of a large county government, which provided coverage for 13,000 employees. I am a graduate of Goucher College, and Chase College of Law of Northern Kentucky University.

Over the years, the focus of my practice evolved from a general practice with an emphasis on corporate law to personal injury and finally to workers’ compensation.

Throughout that time, I found that what I most enjoyed was the legal research and writing, appellate practice and mediation, so when I opened my own solo practice in 2009, I decided to focus on what I enjoy most and do best.

Privacy is Important

leaf Your privacy and your client’s identity are respected. Each document and all research results are protected with a unique password.