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Maureen is prompt, thorough, a good researcher, and a good writer. I can brainstorm issues with her and discuss strategies. I highly recommend her!

John Tiwald
Albuquerque Attorney

I needed Maureen's assistance. Court deadlines were approaching and my schedule was packed --- with other cases, with family activities, with life. Maureen quickly got up to speed on the details of my cases and jumped in to help. She helped me find the line of cases that I needed, helped draft pleadings and briefings that I needed, and helped me by proofreading and finalizing as deadlines were, in some cases, down to the wire. She efficiently and effectively used her time and mine. Later, when she read a relevant case in the Bar Bulletin, as a courtesy, she brought it to my attention. I highly recommend Maureen and her services.

Lori Bauer Apodaca
Attorney at Law
Los Lunas, NM

Maureen has worked on many varied topics for me over the past five years, including civil rights violations under 1983 and state law, jail guard brutality, DWI, adverse possession, entitlement to military retirement benefits and quiet title actions, to name just a few. Her research is thorough and reliable, and her writing is organized and persuasive. I'm not exaggerating when I call her my secret weapon.

William J. Waggoner
Santa Fe

I have used Maureen Moore for my legal research for the past five years. On several occasions, I have had her prepare briefs that I filed with the District Court with very minor changes and the majority of time, no changes at all. I have never had any of her legal research called into question by a District Judge and she is very timely in responding with her work product. She is very cordial and professional to work with and always has a cheery disposition.

Val R. Jolley
Farmington, NM attorney since 1972

About Maureen

With over 30 years experience in practicing law, I have primarily practiced in small law firms. I have also owned and managed a small business and supervised the Workers’ Compensation Section of a large county government, which provided coverage for 13,000 employees. I am a graduate of Goucher College, and Chase College of Law of Northern Kentucky University.

Over the years, the focus of my practice evolved from a general practice with an emphasis on corporate law to personal injury and finally to workers’ compensation.

Throughout that time, I found that what I most enjoyed was the legal research and writing, appellate practice and mediation, so when I opened my own solo practice in 2009, I decided to focus on what I enjoy most and do best.

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